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June 28, 2011


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Kuro Cosplay Tips I [Grell Sutcliff]

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 28, 2011, 1:47 PM
:rose: Kuroshitsuji Tips Party One [Grell] :rose:

Well, well~ I'm just dying because of the weather here in Germany. It's horribly hot... After working all day I don't feel like doing something for the upcoming conventions. Sitting in front of air-condition and writing a blog is so much more relaxing. :heart:

I'll start with the first part of the Kuroshitsuji cosplay tricks and stuff. But please, please don't get a wrong idea. It's not like I want to say "you have to do all this or your cosplay is bad". It's just a collection of tricks and ideas I had while cosplaying Kuro for over one year now and I want to share it somehow because I think I looked a little more like the character and it might help someone.
But remember: English is not my native language, so~ it might sound confusing or there might be grammar or spelling mistakes to the maximum. But I'll try my best.

There are some general points that are not character specific you might be interested in.

- Wigs:
If you browse Ebay for wigs please always be patient and take the time you need. A lot of shops take pictures from asian, especially chinese or japanese, onlineshops like cospediawig. Remember that this might not be what you will get. Pictures with good styled cosplay models don't mean high quality always. If you are unsure about stolen pictures keep a close eye on watermarks, the price, shop valuations and if you are not sure about it ask a friend for advice.
If you plan on cosplaying a character more than once, like I did with Ciel and Grell, you can (CAN not must!) invest a little more money. It highly depends on how often you want to cosplay a character.

For conventions you should always bring a comb by. It's one of your best friends. If you can comb your hair every once in a while it might look a little more neat. I experienced wind can be really, really bitchy and you might look like a hurricane rolled over your head x___x It's absolutely horrific if you see pictures later and you think "what's that??? My hair? O___O yes, it is -___-".

- Make-up:
First of all, I'm not a make-up artist. These are newbie tips! I'm not a 100% satisfied with my own make-up, but as a proper start you should use foundation and powder if you go for a shooting or convention. Concleaner, mascara and some highlights like eyeliner are highly recommended as well. You might ask why. Well~ I don't like using make-up for a little boy like Ciel to be honest, but unfortunately a lot of photographers are picky nowadays and don't want to take pictures from cosplayers with oily skin or pimples and stuff because it's "too much work"... On top of that cameras swallow a lot of details and colors. Sometimes you even don't realize how much make-up is worn by a cosplayer just by looking at a picture, but it's there. It makes a big difference. You might want to try it. I was like O____O'' the first time I saw the difference.

- The little things
Always check your stuff twice before starting your journey to a convention. Make a checklist the day before without hurry and it will be much more relaxed. It so horrible to forget something or get into drama because some things are lost in the usual pre-convention chaos.

If you want to take pictures while sitting always look at your clothes for a second. I have a bunch of pictures I say "oh noes~" about because my clothes rolled up somewhere it shouldn't.
And if you have good friends or cosplay partners tell them they are allowed to tug at your cloth and you're welcoming it. I know some people who don't like it but I for myself can say I'm happy if people say "hey wait a sec before hitting the shutter release. There's something I don't like" and adjust my clothes a little, move some hairs out of the way or other things like this. It's a highly welcome service if you ask me and you can't thank your friends enough for it.

Second hand and 1$ shops can be your friend for a lot of little things like roses, buttons and chains. Cosplays should be as inexpensive as possible.


Now we go into details now. But it's not Ciel today. This blog entry would be too long. We'll go on with Grell :heart:

- Grell's hair:
I got asked about this quite often lately and I recommend styling a wig for Grell a lot. It makes your appearance a lot more unique. Sounds mean, but isn't meant like it. I experienced a lot Grell's without styled hair lately and that's were this sentence comes from.
It depends on your wig if styling is easy or not. The best possible way is an already cut wig you only have to style. But some wigs have to be cut as well. I can't give you tips about that, but for styling there is a pretty easy way to get along with the spikes and waves as long as your wig is heath resistant.
All you need is a big bottle of hairspray and a blow dryer. Separate some wisps and look where you want to put them. You can easily fix them if you make a braid and use a hairclip to coordinate the hair on your wighead. Once you're done with "sorting" you can start with the styling. I prefer working from the front to the back because the front should be done in the best possible way. If you start from the back you might come into trouble because you have too less or too much hair left. :/ Pull the hair into the desired direction and use hairspray. Don't drown the hair. If you use too much hairspray it looks horrible most times and don't drop the hair. While holding it use your blow dryer with a low heath to fix it. You might need to redo this one or two times. Don't be disappointed if it doesn't work in the first attempt. Actually it works even better if you fix the hair one time and than let your wig "accommodate" to the new position for some days. Sounds weird, I know x3 But it worked pretty well for Takuro and Grell so far.
Please be careful and check your wigs every time before styling it with a blow dryer. Most wigs nowadays are heath resistant, but there are still some shops advertising with it and than once you try it all goes to ruin while using high temperature because this information was fake. And one more point: Always check your wig before a convention. If you put it into your closet for some month it might not be as "glued" anymore. Just give it another hilarious high dose of hairspray.

Before you depart for a convention: make a braid into your hair. It's much more comfortable and you don't get all ruined by sitting on it and stuff like this. You have to comb it once you arrived, but it's much easier to get along with Grell's long hair this way.

If your wig turns out to be heavy and pulls back on your head use some hairpins on the sides and front. The front ones should be clipped in wrong sided… Ah >__<'' Against the direction where the wig pulls to. If you have long natural hair and made braids under your wigcap you can use it as some kind of backup safeguard while pining into them as well. But be careful if you use nylon wigcaps. They might get damaged by the hairpins.

- Grell's eyebrows & eyelashes:
Red eyebrows and fake lashes make a big difference if you are cosplaying as Grell. Here you can see it with some old and new pictures of me. The first one was taken when I wore Grell the first time without eyelashes and red eyebrows. The second one with eyelashes but without red eyebrows and the third one, obviously, with both.

You see? The difference is big. Eyes really start to get into harmony with the rest somehow. That's actually what I meant about make-up some when at the start of this blog.

There are a lot of possibilities to have eyebrows like Grell. You can shave yours and paint new ones, cover them or just color them. For me, I color them. It's the easiest way in my eyes.
I guess it's no use to link back to the color I use for my eyebrows since it's available in Germany only. But there should be something similar in other countries too. I guess some Halloween stores should have some water based make-up you can use. Mine is liquid and you can easily paint it onto your brows with a Q-Tip or brush.
If you have bitchy eyebrows that don't go the way you want them to you can use a glue stick to make them obey. Don't worry. It's not dangerous as long as you don't wash it off into your eyes later. You can browse Youtube for videotutorials about using the glue stick even for covering your eyebrows.
For eyelashes I think it's up to you how "drama drama" you want it. I go with the "the more the better" rule since it's the red reaper of ultimate gayness…
Clean them after wearing EVERY SINGLE TIME if you want to make sure they will stay alive for a long time. I ruined my first pair because I didn't remove the glue every time I wore them and didn't put them back into the box they belonged in.

- Grell's teeth:
Sadly I don't have teeth yet. I still search for my old dental braces to make some adjustments on it. If you have the money you can go and buy some amazing teeth here… I heard a lot of people use fake nails and glue them onto their own teeth… Please for gods sake be careful with this… <__<'' You might ruin your teeth!

- Say cheese…:
Regarding posing as Grell don't be scared. It might feel weird the first time you do it but honestly. Get in front of a mirror and start making hilarious grimaces and funny poses. This totally works and you will loose the "freaky weirdo" feeling. Believe me… Grell looks funny more often than you might imagine. Gestures that look totally odd while you perform them without a cosplay look totally natural with a Grell cosplay. And always remember to have a look at reference pictures, manga, anime or other cosplayers. It's really helpful to get started.

So, so~ That's all for now and it's so incredibly long @_____________@ I'm sorry >___<'' I'm gone for now. Have do get up tomorrow veeeeeeeery soon.

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Zizzins Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Great! Thanks! This helped me so much for my Grell cosplay plans! :D
KandiFawx Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014  Student General Artist
thank youuu so much 
gothicshadow001 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks so much for doing this! I'm gonna cosplay as Grell for the end of the year anime club party at my school, and I absolutely must look amazing, because not only am I a senior, but I'm also the anime club president :P

I never thought to do the eyebrows and eyelashes, but that so makes sense! :D
Arulithia Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2012
ah you're welcome :3 i'm happy if there is something that can help you ^___^
st3rn1 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
echt, es gibt leute/photografen die cosplayer ned fotografieren, wenn sie kein oder nicht genug make-up drauf haben? das ja schrecklich! D= ich bin selbst make-up-fail. ;_; ich probier mein bestes, aber es hällt ned uuunbedingt den ganzen tag obwohl ich mir ebenfalls haarspray ins gesicht knalle (war n tip von ner cosplayerin) und meine augenringe krieg ich ebenfalls nie komplett weg. T___T ich bin verzweifelt hoch 10! ;_; mein gesicht absorbiert alles! >.< und meine blöden sommersprossen machens ned besser! >.<

nya, worauf ich eigentlich hinaus wollte XD: bei lokinst kommt es ned aufs make-up an, ABER dazu muss ich leider sagen, dass er leider auch nicht retuschiert. was ich leider meist blöd finde. das gehört dazu, finde ich. ned das ganze gesicht weichzeichnen, wie es terra gemacht hat. XD aber hier und da wär ma ned schlecht. sai und imagination machen das aber immerhin und niklas bearbeitet auch ganz toll. <3
Arulithia Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2011
ja mehr oder minder. ich hab es zumindest immer mal wieder auf animexx gelesen, dass sich die fotografen usw. beschweren, dass die cosplay nicht mal grundierungen benutzen und sie keinen bock haben an einem bild so und so lange rumzudoktern um pickel und dergleichen weg zu machen. das wäre ihnen die zeit nicht wert und dann würden sie sich lieber andere leute suchen wo ihr skill nicht so dran verschwendet wäre, weil ein nicht so hübsches cosplay/ein nicht so gut geschminkter cosplayer auf irgendwie das bild beeinträchtigt. ich dachte auch nur so wtf! aber hauptsache cosplayer sind eitel wenn sie sich weigern sich von leuten mit einer handykamera fotografieren zu lassen....

bei lokinst find ich die bilder aber an sich recht schön muss ich sagen. ich glaub wenn man mit ihm redet geht das auch noch klar. niklas macht das echt toll. wobei er auch nicht so viel macht. er ist da eher beim kontrast und den farben und weniger beim glätten usw. aber das ist völlig egal weil das resultat trotzdem geil ist xD
st3rn1 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
wow krass, sowas hab ich noch nicht gelesen.

genau, solang das resultat geil is, isses egal. ^^
ja, lokinst seine bilder sind eigentlich schön, aber ich kriegs z.b. nie richtig hin meine augenringe komplett abzudecken, ka warum. das nervt! und das sieht man auf seinen bildern, wenn ichs ned mal retuschiere. hier auf dA ist eh jedes bild retuschiert, glaub ich. ich darfs auch, aber wenn er seine gallerien auf mexx hochläd da isses eben ned retuschiert. =/
Arulithia Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2011
du, das hab ich auch. ich sitzt da mit sonst was für makeup dran um das abzudecken und es will einfach nicht. das ist ganz normal und wenn man nicht direkt sonst wie komplett angeblitzt wird wie im studio ist das denk ich immer und überall so. ich denk mal alle anderen machen das einfach nur immer weg. daher denkt man dann bei sich selbst, dass man so der einzige mensch mit so flatschen unter den augen ist -___-''
das die so bei mexx hochgeladen werden tja~ das is halt so. bei mir denk ich manchmal auch es wäre schöner wenn man hier und da noch dies und das geändert hätte. aber ich hab auch das gefühl, dass bei mexx die meisten bilder garnicht über die kleinansicht hinaus angeschaut werden. von daher find ich es nicht soooo schlimm. ich kann's aber verstehen.
st3rn1 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
bin ich ja beruhigt, irgendwie. ^^
JellyfishCosplay Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
ich merk schon beim lesen, das wir eindeutig nächste woche fotos machen müssen xD
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